As MRAA’s content specialist, Jay wore many hats for our organization. He wrote press releases, managed our website and social media presence, wrote case studies and best practices, and created and edited content for several newsletters every month.

While balancing these multiple responsibilities, he has always been the first to jump in and volunteer to take on other tasks, such as creating communications for our annual conference speakers, shooting and editing video, editing our workforce assessment publication, and ensuring we follow through on several deliverables for our supporting partners. 

Recently, the program in which Jay’s position was assigned within our organization lost its funding, and we unfortunately had to eliminate the position. 

Jay has been a great addition to our team. He has been a dedicated, committed employee and coworker. And we are sorry to lose such a valuable team member. Please consider this a recommendation of his skills, abilities and passion for doing great work.  

If I can answer any questions for you, please feel free to reach out at any time. ​
—Matt Gruhn, President of the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas
Jay runs one of my favorite media outlets of the Twin Cities—the Lake Minnetonka Patch. This covers the west metro, my home base. Jay not only curates a source of information for that area, he is out there covering the news quite a bit of the time. Jay understands the importance of hyper-local news, working with businesses and newsmakers in the area to bring information of great value to the people who live in his coverage area. I've found Jay to be reliable, resourceful and a go-getter. In short, he "gets it." As both a news professional and a consumer of news, I appreciate his ability to wear many hats and grow an important news provider in our area.
—Kim Insley, former news anchor at KARE-TV / Meet Minneapolis
Jay was one of the first employees RedCurrent hired and played an important role in getting our operation off the ground. Jay launched what would become an extremely popular Minneapolis blog, which profiled some of the most prominent influencers in music, theatre, sports, the arts (from painting to cooking) and film. 

Jay was responsible for managing a team of experienced freelance journalists, and he produced a wide range of content — from video and photo galleries to podcasts and traditional text posts. 

Jay’s ability can tell a story and he focuses on his subjects at ease. People, for whatever reason, find it easy to talk to Jay — and he listens. Jay knows good content when he sees it, and he never hesitated to pursue a good story. Our small blog scooped, on more than several occasions, the biggest metro media outlets, because Jay had his finger on the pulse of the Twin Cities community. 

Jay's initiative and attention to detail are first rate. Further, his rate of production is something rarely found amongst today’s job applicants; Jay cranks out quality content at a rate which sets a the benchmark. 

Hiring Jay will help your organization. He’s funny, honest and intelligent.​
— John Goddard, Co-Founder of RedCurrent App
Having had the pleasure of working with and learning from Jay Corn, I can say without a doubt that he is ethical, accurate and objective. His skill and style in writing comes across in a way that truly engages the reader, myself included. Additionally, he has the ability to inspire other writers—such as myself.
—Natalie Hegamo: Newspaper columnist and on-air personality at myTalk 107.1
Jay was a great asset for our Minnesota Patch team. He was a hard-working reporter and writer, savvy with social media, deadline-focused and was eager to help out his teammates. He was a pleasure to work with and I'd recommend him to any organization looking for an employee who can focus on the big picture while getting numerous tasks completed on time.
—Don Wyatt, Vice President / News, Michigan Group at Digital First Media
Jay is one amazing individual. He is a well connected and has a great pulse in the media. Jay is humorous, objective, intelligent and very proactive.  He is one individual in the media that is a great networker and a pleasure to work with.  Jay is a great writer and knows how to engage an audience.
—Nicole Middendorf, CEO of LPL Financial
Jay was tenacious in seeking me out when, as a local, I was elected to chair the MN delegation to the 2012 Republican National Convention. In addition to interviewing and publishing an article that covered angles to make it go viral nationwide, he stayed in touch during the convention to update the readers with additional goings-on. Jay has been thorough and professional. I can easily and happily recommend him for further journalistic work.
—Marianne Stebbins, Chair of Ron Paul's 2012 Minnesota campaign / Chair of Minnesota's delegation to 2012 GOP Convention 
Jay would be a fantastic hire for any company. He's smart, he's hard-working, and he's a great writer and editor. He's also excellent with people and all-around respected by anyone who knows him. I recommend hiring him if you want someone who will do a great job.
Britt Johnsen, Editor in Chief at Savvy Magazine
Over the past few years I've had the opportunity to work with Jay Corn. I have found him to not only be a solid individual, but also a dependable and skillful working associate. We have worked together through AOL Lake Minnetonka Patch, as well as other independent projects. I highly recommend that anyone looking for a top-notch writer consider Jay Corn.
—Jon Wright, Owner of  J&K Creative
I've known Jay since we worked together at the college newspaper, as well as the professional journalism business. His talent is exceeded only by his willingness to lift up others around him, from his co-workers to the readership. Jay is a respectable person because he respects others and his craft. I give my full endorsement to Jay and wish him the best success in all his endeavors. Snatch this one up while you still can. You won't regret it.
—Ben Sobieck, F&W Media online editor, author
Hello World,  I had the pleasure of working with Jay at a startup called RedCurrent for over a year, Jay was getting after it on a daily basis, hustling to try and grow our audience, pounding the pavement and doing the both cool and the dirty journalistic work, as well as the bullshit work that just needed to be done. He's good people, befriend and hire him. ​
— Brad Flaugher, Digital Consultant and amateur comedian
Thank you Jay for your top notch journalism of the Lake Minnetonka Area. You covered the news with integrity and professionalism. All the best for you in your future endeavors. You will be missed.
—Mayor Sarah Reinhardt, Spring Park
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I had the honor working with Jay Corn in the United Stated Marine Corps from 1998-2001. During this time working with Jay, I was his squad leader. Jay displayed commitment and Integrity for the duration of time he worked with me. Jay’s motivation and dedication always shinned over his other peers. During the time we served together I could always count on Jay to get a task done on time and without any hesitation from him! I trusted Jay with my back in the Marines and would still trust him now!
After the Marine Corps we lost touch for a bit. But when I was reunited with Jay, I found that he worked for a local newspaper and wrote articles for I read many of his article and they did not surprise me on how well they were written. And most importantly, Jay is a great father and family man! No matter what the job or work is I have confidence that Jay can adapt, improvise and over come any task that comes his way!
— Jerry Mancuso
(Sgt. Marine Corps 1997-2001)
Hopatcong (NJ) Police Department
"Jay is a very conscientious journalist. He knows a good story when he sees one and goes the extra mile to make sure he's got his facts straight. I've always found Jay to be a fair editor and writer and I enjoyed working with him." 
—Telly Mamayek ,Communications Director at Minnehaha Creek Watershed District
I had the pleasure of working with Jay at AOL/Patch for over two years. As a journalist, Jay is top-notch and has an eye for the story. There were several occasions he went well above and beyond his duties to provide the extra edge so the communities he covered had the very best. He worked really hard to ensure communication was shared within all areas of our company and he would be a valuable addition to any team.
—Eric Best, ​Regional Account Executive at G/O Digital
Jay had already established himself as a thoughtful, capable professional before I got to know him as editor of the Kanabec County Times – a fine writer and a strong journalist. During the years that we worked at sister newspapers, I also saw Jay take leadership responsibilities for website development, and assist with management of all the editors in our group of newspapers. Jay is exactly the person he seems to be: a highly intelligent person with high morals and values, a strong work ethic, and a passion for creating valuable work. I would trust him with any project, and am confident he would add value to any organization lucky enough to have him.​
—Mike Gainor, Managing Editor of the Pine City Pioneer
Jay has a great eye for the story and a knack for getting to know people and have them open up to him. He has experience working in both corporate and independent journalism, online and print, with notepad/pen and camera, and his versatility would make him an asset in any newsroom.
—Matt Peiken, ​Arts Reporter at WCPO-TV
Jay is a "go to" guy in our community! He is great at his job with PATCH...but...when it comes to serving his community,,,there is NOBODY better!
—Greg Rye, Owner & CEO, R & R Business Development Company
I worked with Jay when he was editor-in-chief for our branded media team at Redcurrent. Jay has excellent content production management skills, along with a strong grasp of print and digital content lifecycles. In our time at Redcurrent, Jay was responsible for creating branded media campaigns that delivered measurable KPI's to executive stakeholders. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Jay again, and think he would be a valued asset to any media or marketing team. ​
— Carrie Wyman, BrandPoint Solutions
When I worked with Jay at, I found Jay to be an energetic journalist and communications professional who always lived up the highest standards of accuracy and fairness when reporting on and writing material for his close-knit community around Lake Minnetonka.
—Mike Foley, MNDot Communications Dept.